This Giant Set Routine Can Bulk You Up

When it comes to bodybuilding, the bulking phase can be a challenge. However, there is a routine you can try if you want to bulk up fast and have fun doing it. This particular routine is a giant set routine.

What Are Giant Sets
Giant sets refer to doing reps of an exercise and quickly moving onto another exercise to do more reps and doing another exercises, followed by another one. In short, doing four or more exercises one after another is a giant set. You take a break after the last rep of your last exercise before doing another giant set.

The Routine
The routine is simple. You'll train your legs on day one, followed by chest on the second day and shoulders on the third day. The fourth day is when you'll train back and on the fifth day you'll train arms (biceps and triceps).

In short, the body parts you'll train and when you'll train them are as followed:

. Day 1: legs
. Day 2: chest
. Day 3: shoulders
. Day 4: Back
. Day 5: biceps and triceps

The number of giant sets you'll do for each body part will be four and the total number of exercises you'll do per body part is four. For example, you'll do four exercises consecutively for your legs and four exercises consecutively the next day when you train chest and so forth.

As for the exercises you'll do, this is up to you, but the key is to stick with moderate to heavy weight and aim to do 6-8 reps per exercise. You can choose to do whatever exercises you want, but keep the reps low and the weight relatively heavy or moderate.

To sum up the above, your workouts will look like this:

. Leg day- four exercises/four giant sets/6-8 reps
. Chest day- the same
. Shoulders- the same
. Back- the same
. Arms- the same

Don't train a body part more than once per week. Giant sets are intense, so target each body part just once per week. Also, do this routine for only 5-6 weeks, as this should be plenty of time to add bulk to your frame.

As stated earlier, bulking up is one of the most challenging tasks to accomplish in bodybuilding. Giant sets can make adding bulk much easier. If you're serious about bulking up, then give this routine a try today.